(from Germany, not Zamunda)

My last name is actually Schröder, with an umlaut, but it sounds just like “Schroeder.” And that’s what callers would hear me say when I picked up the phone. At least in the 1980s, when in Germany the only strangers you’d be on a first-name basis with were toddlers and puppies. I had heard that people in California were more laid back. What I didn’t know was that public transportation on the West Coast was even more casual…

That’s why I ran out of buses when I tried to make it from San Francisco International Airport to Palo Alto for…

This has nothing to do with Hemingway, the Coen Brothers, or the Vatican. Well, maybe a little bit with the Vatican. But other than that, it’s mostly about old men saving countries.

The man that comes to my mind can be described as follows: practicing Catholic with a pragmatic mindset that enables him to reach across the aisle; lawyer by training and politician by vocation who experiences personal tragedy — the loss of his wife — early in his career. …

Frog Prince smashed against the wall
Frog Prince smashed against the wall
The Frog Prince — raw and unDisneyfied (from “Ich war der Märchenprinz,” 1983)

I was brought up in Germany on the raw and unDisneyfied version of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. The version in which the princess smashes the Frog Prince against the wall instead of kissing him. That’s why my past four years in America were filled with childhood flashbacks. There were all the usual suspects: an ugly king with a beautiful daughter who wants to be queen one day, and an evil stepmother who is green with envy (or yellow according to the Grimms’ emotional color chart). Everybody else around the king has court jester credentials including his personal counsel Rudy Rumpelstiltskin who…

Henning Schroeder

Dual citizen und currently “A German in Minneapolis” although right now I’d rather be “An American in Paris.”

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